Set up at best our diet habit

To set up at best our diet habit first we must understand how glucose circle work inside us;
If glucose is petrol for our body, grease are petroleum, there are chemical process inside us to refine petrol from petroleum, means transform grease in glucose.
If there is a refinery must be also a fuel tank to collect juice when it is ready, so our body can cram about 500 grams of pure glucose to provide energy for muscle and brain for about one hour and half of hard action.

Through that simple schemes we can have clear some alimentation and fitness facts:

- Considering how our body is build to exercise for maximum about 1:30, get over that limit means go to doping side and consequently out of fitness zone.

- Our brain need a constantly injection of glucose to function.

- Our body is projected for workout and subsequently rest for the time needed to refill fuel tank, about 48h, his refinery work at about 10g/h.

- Body don't need external supply of glucose through diet.

The shelves of modern food stores are full of products containing a disproportion of glucose, that kind of diet and sedentary life habits affect the execution of refinery process, our body must deal with a large amount of glucose and he is therefore in a position choose between two path, or store glucose on the form of grease or burn it with over training, both situation are against our mental and physical health.

But there is another aspect to worry, when we are overrun of glucose, our brain will be overwork and whole nervous system will be surcharged of work, brain will no longer enter on standby mode, early we will be bored;


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