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Yoga means union, prodrome of union is dichotomy.

To find our dichotomy we need go deep in our body, understanding chemicals processes behind our emotions and we need  also figure out how the two entity are working inside us with different urges sometimes on conflict. More  the dichotomy is spotted, more clear will be the path to mend it, putting in  communication body and brain. First rule, there are no rules, just seat, stretch your body and breathe; Deep breathes. Harken your breath. Feel him; Learn fom him. Stretching is alphabet to read your body, breath is the native language to understand him. Daily practice will give to both parts of dichotomy chance to open a conversation; Month by month, year by year, trust will grow and will fire up the suture to turn our ego into mindfulness.

How to reduce impact of osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is an inflammation of cartilages that affects 50% of the population over 60 years. A recent study showed how walking barefoot modifies the tibia/femur angle, allowing a different distribution of loads on cartilages, the consequence of these changes it is a reduction of the inflammatory state.

Set up at best our diet habit

To set up at best our diet habit first we must understand how glucose circle work inside us; If glucose is petrol for our body, grease are petroleum, there are chemical process inside us to refine petrol from petroleum, means transform grease in glucose. If there is a refinery must be also a fuel tank to collect juice when it is ready, so our body can cram about 500 grams of pure glucose to provide energy for muscle and brain for about one hour and half of hard action. Through that simple schemes we can have clear some alimentation and fitness facts: - Considering how our body is build to exercise for maximum about 1:30, get over that limit means go to doping side and consequently out of fitness zone. - Our brain need a constantly injection of glucose to function. - Our body is projected for workout and subsequently rest for the time needed to refill fuel tank, about 48h, his refinery work at about 10g/h. - Body don't need extern

Human limit

Mankind was born around equator where sunset and sunrise do not change timetable throughout the year, it might seem like a small detail but our habits have been born and grown for a period of 4 million years, during which our body has developed its capabilities and its limits, that we are still forced to respect.


Every day we are living a dichotomy, our deep soul is made of two entity separate and distinct, brain and body, they can communicate and they can trust each other, but often their needs are distinct and sometimes opposites. Learning how dichotomy work can help us to balance our life on both; Often we lose path because our daily choosing are too much influenced from a single entity, we must understand that every single daily decision is a challenge body/mind, and always when we pick a path we are choosing to please one of them. Always, from food to holiday, merely we can discern which part will be blessed by our choosing; Do you are wishing a chocolate cake? Is your brain who need glucose but your body will be much better without it. Discover a city, travel through a country or surf and run best natural places? Which option will be a pleasure for your body? Sometimes answers are more simple than questions! This text is ending here, you