Every day we are living a dichotomy, our deep soul is made of two entity separate and distinct, brain and body, they can communicate and they can trust each other, but often their needs are distinct and sometimes opposites.

Learning how dichotomy work can help us to balance our life on both;
Often we lose path because our daily choosing are too much influenced from a single entity, we must understand that every single daily decision is a challenge body/mind, and always when we pick a path we are choosing to please one of them.

Always, from food to holiday, merely we can discern which part will be blessed by our choosing;
Do you are wishing a chocolate cake?
Is your brain who need glucose but your body will be much better without it.
Discover a city, travel through a country or surf and run best natural places?
Which option will be a pleasure for your body?
Sometimes answers are more simple than questions!

This text is ending here, you who are reading and I, who I am writing, we both are doing something for our brain and consequentely we are forgotting ours bodys, better leave from this confort zone and go to run barefoot;
Dichotomy will be slightly sutured.


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